Gypsy Tabor Festival 2012 Schedule

Performance & Event Schedule


1:00PM – Doors open! Games, BBQ, jam sessions, camp set-up. Body painting by Everybody Art. We'll have competitions, a prize wheel, vendors (including Lukhi Accessories, Gnomes Grown, and Scream of a Pearl), and more.

4:00PM – Raklorom 

NYU's Romani Music Ensemble, presented by the Initiative for Romani Music at NYU. Learn more about the Initiative for Romani Music at NYU on facebook

INCLUDING: Roma/Gypsy Awareness discussion & performance by Petra Gelbart and Saniye Jasaroska, Romani Rights Activists.

"Petra Gelbart is a Romany singer, activist and scholar who is at home both in the Czech Republic and the U.S. She recently completed her Ph.D. in ethnomusi­cology at Harvard University with a dissertation entitled “Learning Music, Race and Nation in the Czech Republic.” Petra combines the Romany vo­cal production she learned from her family with elements drawn from more improvisational and popular genres." (Source: Via Romen)



8-piece Balkan band consisting of Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek, and Serbian traditional repertoire. 

6:00PM– Los Mas Valientes

Bio: Los Más Valientes formed in 1995 and are a major player in the salsa and world music scenes. This is not your abuelita’s salsa band; they play rootsy, pulsating music from every corner of Latin America and the Caribbean with an exciting and hypnotic global twist.  Los Más Valientes fuses the fiery Gypsy sounds of flamenco guitar and cajon with a Latin rhythm section, Arabic and Indian-tinged vocals, an array of traditional flutes, and cutting-edge electronics.  Their dance palette ranges from salsa to reggae and from flamenco to funk.  Los Más Valientes 3 critically-acclaimed commercial cd releases have received broad praise and are heard around the world, and they have performed in major concert venues and on festivals throughout the US.

7:00PM – Performance by FRANK LONDON's Kali Krew featuring Eva Primack & Deep Singh & open jam session!


Frank London on trumpet

Eva Salina Primack on vocals

Deep Singh on dhol & percussion

Chris Stromquist on drums

Brian Drye on trombone & keyboards

Ron Caswell on tuba

Brandon Seabrook on guitar

NYC-based trumpeter, bandleader, composer and Klezmer all-star!


A multi-cultural collective specializing in turbo-tropical cumbia-style sound encompassing flavors from all over the world.


10:00PM, onward – Acoustic jam sessions, BBQ & all-night camp out.



1:00PM – 2:00PM – Laughing Lotus Open Level Yoga Workshop led by Anastasia Nevin

Anastasia Nevin is a nutrition therapist and yoga instructor holding an MS, RD in Nutrition from Columbia University. She came to yoga after years of exploring the profound effects of movement through ballet and modern dance. 


3:30PM – Yuri Yunakov & The Grand Masters of Gypsy Music

Yuri Yunakov pioneered "Bulgarian Romani Wedding Music” along with Ivo Papazov and Neshko Neshev in the 1970s and was then catapulted to international fame. His incredibly thrilling music showcases virtuosic technique, electrifying improvisation, rapid tempos, daring key changes and eclectic musical literacy. (Source: Voice of Roma)

5:00PM – [BURDEL DALI PRESENTS] Trans-global dance party DJ Set & AlieNation Performance. Live percussion by the ATARI CONGA CREW.

"Immigrant anthems for global citizens!" Burdel Dali Presents are three music loving, glass breaking global citizens who have taken on the ridiculously jovial mission of spreading trans-global beats, audio folklore, and border-jumping dress codes as far as it will reach from their outpost. The collective includes DJ Mishto (Romania), Raphlex (Arequipa, Peru) and Mishka (NYC).

The AlieNation are a performing arts group based in NYC who have traveled the country to entertain crowds with their theatrical, eccentric, complex alien life forms. The tabor fest welcomes the debut of a new alien... don't miss this!

The Atariconga crew are a trans-global collective of percussionists from Ecuador, Colombia, NYC, and more. Their percussion adds a level of depth and flavor to DJ sets and live performances that takes the experience to a whole new level.


6:00PM – Avram Pengas Music Ensemble

Greek born musical arranger, lead guitarist, and bouzouki virtuoso Avram Pengas is a versatile performer who plays popular Israeli hits, exotic Arabic melodies, pulsating Persian and Turkish rhythms, Armenian dances and traditional Yiddish songs.



BAD BUKA are NYC's ringleaders of the "Gypsy Punk" music movement"They bring their lively Balkan roots to NYC with the richness of world music, punk rock attitude, and even the spunk of ska."  (Source)


10:00PM, onward – Acoustic jam sessions, BBQ & camp out.


1:00PM – The Soul Muse

Erkin Oytac -  Bass Guitar 
Marcel Grosz - Drums
Leah Kramer - Vocal,  Acoustic  guitar & Dance


3:00PM  – The Teddy Gottsegen Trio, Featuring Olli Soikkeli

... A renowned Gypsy Jazz band, making their Tabor festival debut!

Bio: Ted Gottsegen is a guitarist dedicated to all pre-war styles of rhythm and lead guitar who is passionate about development of the use of the plectrum instrument in the jazz band from it's earliest days in New Orleans through the present. A tireless practitioner This fascination has led to being a featured writer for Just Jazz Guitar Magazine as well as the Red Hot Jazz Archive. A seasoned performer with years of professional experience in the US and aboard.



Soccer match, crazy games, vending, fortune reading, BBQ...

Belly Dance by Anna Leah!

Body painting by Everybody Art!

Vending by...

Scream Of A Pearl

Lukhi Accessories

Lady Bella Bling's "Romantic tribal, wearable sculpture"

Radikal Nation's "Streetwear with a message of revolution, union, respect, equality."

Gnomes Grown